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Marino Abogados is a firm of lawyers with over 20 years’ experience. We came together from different prestigious law firms in Barcelona in 2005.


  • Complete legal advice with every case.
  • Personalised legal advice service.
  • Continuous legal advice for companies.
  • We strive to always go the extra mile.
  • We are always happy and open to learn more.
  • We work as a team to make sure we get the win.

We are Company lawyers,but also private ones since Company legal advice covers every branch of law which allows us to give the same high guaranteed quality of service on non-corporate cases and issues too.

We could say that one of our defining characteristics is knowing how to combine different legal disciplines when analysing a case, including a tax and financial analysis.
This characteristic, despite seeming obvious, is not often provided in legal services and that is why we want to highlight this as one of the virtues of Marino Abogados.

For example, we understand that legally reclaiming unpaid invoices also involves getting back VAT on these invoices. Without this global advice in a client’s case, we feel that we would not be giving a satisfactory service.

We want to include this philosophy in the continuous training of each one of the professionals so that each specialist gets across the knowledge of their own discipline to the rest of the team highlighting the different angles that exist in each case.