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Legal Proceedings / Litigation

In the area of court proceedings, appeals in particular are our main speciality at Marino Abogados, and where you are most likely to see our skills stand out. This is because we provide a full and integral advisory meeting before any court appearance (including fiscal), analysing alternatives and advantages and disadvantages of going to court by looking at the strengths of the other party and the consequences of any legal proceedings that our clients wish us to manage.

Our part in the legal proceedings covers all civil and mercantile areas including slow paying debtors, cautionary measures for goods embargos and financial claims in general. And in addition, we take on insolvency, labour, criminal and appeals proceedings.

As we said in the introduction to our firm, one characteristic that makes our services stand out is the combination of the different legal disciplines that allow us to provide an integral legal advice service. This work philosophy becomes obvious when we appear at courts and tribunals. Each professional from our firm brings his or her own knowledge, which increases the likelihood of success in the case in question. We also offer extra advice to the client about fiscal and legal matters that could lead to dispute.

Our experience in legal proceedings, especially civil and mercantile, provides a guarantee to our clients. Add to this our zest for being up to date with continuous legal training and coordination with our Tax and Mercantile colleagues, and you can be assured that we will be able to defend your interests with the highest degree of expertise before the courts.

In addition, we are specialised in defending the interests of our creditors in tenders and defence before arbitration tribunals.