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Other Subjects

Company advice is not complete without reference to both legal and financial and economic matters. As we explained above in “Who we are” the main trait that stands Marino Abagados out from others is the application of all the legal and economic disciplines in every case that we take on “Us”.

Remaining faithful to this principle, we believe it is essential to apply up to date knowledge and proven experience in the following areas:

Civil law: Despite not standing out as a main area in company law firms around the world, in reality, it is probably the most important discipline, as it is the foundation al other legal areas are built on, including tax and mercantile law.

The services that we can offer related to Civil Law are so extensive that a definitive list on this area just is not feasible. Civil law is equally about preparing the succession of a business owner as it is about a rental agreement. That’s why up to date knowledge on this subject is the basis of a solid professional service to both professionals, companies and private individuals.

Administrative Law: The environment, licenses, urban projects and the involvement of law courts in disputes.

Industrial and intellectual property, especially author’s rights and legal advice to artists and companies involved in show business.

E-commerce law, advice on new technology and telecommunications law.Reverse auctions by internet

Sports rights. Limited sports clubs and companies, claims and actions against organisations such the Catalan Sports Court (Tribunal Català de l’Esport).

Accountancy laws and regulations, essential for any legal advice services offered to companies.
Marino Abogados also intervenes in criminal law in the economic area (fraudulent management, asset stripping, or tax offenses).

The background and training in economics that some of our professionals have completes the legal advice with an economic-financial analysis service. On occasions, the cases that we take on related to the economic area are not related directly to legal cases, but they are to do with company services. Here are some examples: reports on analytic accountancy and costs, reports about aspects of accountancy, studies about company economic ratios, returns on investment or economic and property analysis of debtors or the competition.